ART:CAST #83 by Dave DK

Known for dedicating himself to deeper chords, to the bitter beauty of melodic melancholy in music, it is Berliner and Pampa mainstay Dave DK, who delivers the next episode of the art:cast series. Like a fresh breath of air the artist rips through his music archieve and selected more than a handful, rather more than “two handful“, of tracks that cover an easiness in seriousness, that make you believe in the warmth of a human heart in difficult times but at the same time have the strength to portray the current or present situation. Dave DK’s art:cast is like surfing through the empty street beaches when having caught this moderate wave that moves you past the buildings while flooding and eliminating your mind with thoughts of joy and sadness but charming the latter away.


  1. Tourist ‘Awake’
  2. Fennesz ‘Rivers Of Sand’
  3. Cameo Blush ‘Hypervisibility’
  4. Admin ‘Space Cadet’
  5. Model Man ‘Granular’
  6. Shovell & Afra Gypsy ‘Rhythm Of The Drum (Extended Mix)’
  7. Atjazz, Jullian Gomes ‘It’s My Time (Jimpster Remix)’
  8. Ebrahimi ‘För Henne (Dave DK Remix)’
  9. Axel Boman – Eyes Of My Mind
  10. Sebjak & Fahlberg ‘4ever She May Live (DJ Koze Edit)’
  11. Martin Kohlstedt ‘Senimb (Robag Wruhme Marowk Rehand)’
  12. Kwes. ‘Hometime’
  13. John Roberts ‘Mental Model No. 2’
  14. Villagers ‘A Trick Of The Light (Bibio Remix)’

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