EXCLUSIVE Pale Blue ‘Breathe (Lauren Flax Remix)’ [2MR]

Elizabeth Wight and Mike Simonetti alias Pale Blue hit us with the release of their latest track Breathe on 2MR a few days back as Elizabeth Wight refers to some of the darkest chapters of her life to come up with a brutally honest and vigorous message people out there need to hear, need to think about and need to reflect. The New Yorkers, known for raw political messages in their partly peak time music, once again deliver a catchy dramatic piece of music, whose chords not ony remain in one’s ear but rather stay on your mind for a long time: in a ruthlessly honest manner. With the original composition of Breathe, a remix of Olive T and two more original tracks, namely I Walk Alone At Night and I Wallk Alone With Acid. Now Brooklyn-based producer Lauren Flax finally releases her remix approach of the track, which focusses on crystal-clear icey chords with a deep note and implements selected bits of Elizabeth’s vocals. The result is a intriguing and meaningful deeply-touching and dubby approach that radiates warmth in the icy cold.

Lauren Flax’s remix for Pale Blue’s track Breathe will be released on 2MR on April 3rd, 2020.

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