EXCLUSIVE Kito Jempere & LovvLovver ’11 P.M.’ [Filament]

With their overall second vinyl-only release Dutch label and collective Filament re-locate themselves musically wise as the approach and the occasion for their Club I EP focuses on, as the title suggests, club music while the first release, Fest I, emphasized those outdoor-moments during the festival season. What remains the same, compared to the label’s debut EP, is that each track of Club I represents a different stage or moment of a night (out). The night is kicked off at 11 P.M.with music from St. Petersburg resident Kito Jempere and LovvLovver, the bassist of the Kito Jempere Band, who deliver a drum-influenced, heart-warming and grooving 8 minute opener that is built upon a crunchy yet funky bass line. In the course of the track the duo inweaves chim-esque chords, which are contrasting the overall warm and organic sound and therefore emphasize it even more. Kito and LovvLovver create the perfect dance floor opener ringing the night as groovy and strong as a mitempo track can do and surely heat up one’s dancing shoes even before 3 A.M.

Club I will be released on Filament on March 18th, 2020.

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