DJ CHARTS David Kochs [Belters]

The motto of David Kochs can simply be described as belter after belter and that’s what the Augsburg-based artist has been delivering, release after release. Last year saw David setting the base for a solid career that was even furthered with his Ghost Trance split EP – the other two tracks came from David’s partner in crime Dominik Marz – on Belters and was heavily supported by scene’s heavyweights. Before kicking off his 2020 musically or track-wise David provides us with his latest top10.

  1. Jacques Greene ‘Sibling (Patrick Holland Remix)’ [LuckyMe.]
  2. Wraetlic ‘Bang Bang (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix)’ [Belters]
  3. James Welsh – Sitting [Phantasy Sound]
  4. Dominik Marz ‘Vice Versa’ [Belters]
  5. Ditian ‘Forgotten April’ [Innervisions]
  6. DC Salas ‘Sentimental Overdrive’ [River Rapid]
  7. David Kochs ‘Dry Me’ [Intercept]
  8. Jelly3000 ‘Wave A Wand (Redshape‘s Forgotten Remix)’ [RFR]
  9. Dusky ‘Fridge’ [Running Back]
  10. Nocturnal Sunshine ft. Ry X ‘Gravity’ [I/AM/ME]

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