[CH]ART:CAST SPECIAL & DJ CHARTS Daniel Bortz [Permanent Vacation]

Daniel Bortz follows a deep vibe with his latest DJ chart for Torture the Artist and gives renowned and aspiring artists a spot in his musical selection. A preference for Daniel’s deep approach already became apparent with his timeless and almost instant classic Take My Hand, which was part of Torture the Artist’s 5th anniversary compilation fivefourtwentytwentyone in December. Now the Augsburg-based artists digs even deeper and comes up with ten fresh (vinyl) takes that are not only named one after another but are also mixed as a continuous DJ chart mix.

  1. Audio Werner ‘Darum’ [Sushitech]
  2. Cabanne ‘Zosa'[Concrete Music]
  3. Steve O Sullivan & Frazer Campbell ‘Hypnotic’ [Mosaic Ltdx3]
  4. Tripmastaz ‘Satellites’ [Berg Audio]
  5. Nick Beringer ‘Turning Point’ [Constant Black]
  6. Trus’me ‘No Harm (Delano Smith Remix)’ [Groovement]
  7. Cab Drivers ‘Open Air’ [Cabinet Records]
  8. Oscar Schubaq ‘K-Beat’ [Slices Of Live]
  9. DJOKO ‘Dialer’ [Talman]
  10. IO ‘Denote’ [Mulen]

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