DJ CHARTS Ivory [Kompakt]

He got the 1000 volt when it comes to his own productions, he’s making love to the pads implemented in his tracks. Daniel Tagliaferri, better known under his artist moniker Ivory, has been making waves with his latest output like barely any other producer has in the past weeks. With a release together with his musical companion from Volt Club Auggië on MoBlack and upcoming ones on Connected and Multinotes the Milan-chef has quite some spicy tunes in the pipe and it seems as if Ivory will continue  to make love on the floors and around.

  1. Aera ‘Little Smasher’ [Innervisions]
  2. EdOne & Martin Herrs ‘Tatalina’ [MoBlack]
  3. Ivory ‘Hold Your Breath’ [Multinotes]
  4. Ditian ‘Etnika’ [TAU]
  5. Sophie Hunger ‘There Is Still Pain Left (Laolu Remix)’ [Compost Records]
  6. Arcydaro ‘Chase Thoughts’ [Arcydaro]
  7. Innellea ‘Blizzard’ [not on label]
  8. Speaking in Tongues ‘Oscura’ [Eternal Order]
  9. Mita Gami ‘Runnin’ (Auggië Remix)’ [Borders of Light]
  10. EdOne & Pakk ‘Dangerous (Nandu Early Morning Mix)’ [Selador]


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