DJ CHARTS Nandu [Innervisions]

Shortly before Nandu catapults his crowd through ‘The Gates Of The Galaxy’, his first contribution to Innervisions’ Secret Weapons series, the Copenhagen-based artists provides us with his current top10 and at the same times gives us a taste of what to expect from the aspiring artist when attending one of his DJ gigs.

  1. Denis Horvat ‘Interference’ [tba]
  2. Santiago Garcia feat. Dani Milfsson ‘The Dark’ [tba]
  3. Radeckt ‘Corroded Mind’ [tba]
  4. Furcoat ‘Adagia (Upercent Remix)’ [tba]
  5. Hunter Game & Primal ‘Servants’ [Just This]
  6. EdOne ‘Vinio Kita’ [Lauter Unfug]
  7. Ivory ‘Your Grace’ [Connected]
  8. Joseph Ashworth ‘Expectation’ [Disco Halal]
  9. Zeca Veloso ‘Todo Homem (Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor Edit)’ [not on label]
  10. Aaaron ‘Tales Of Creation’ [Hoito]

Picture by Jonathan Damslund

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