EXCLUSIVE WhoMadeWho ‘Obstacle’ [Blue Shadow]

Copenhagen trio WhoMadeWho are back with a new EP, ‘Obstacle’, on Chaim and Jenia Tarsol’s label Blue Shadow. The group’s 2020 kick off comes with two original tracks, ‘Balt’ and ‘Obstacle’, plus two remixes from the label bosses and Italian duo Marvin & Guy for the EP’s title track. The latter captivates due the haunting and heartwarming vocals that are combined with dreamy pads and catchy chords that pack up an overall unbeatable package from the trio consisting of Jeppe Kjellberg, Tomas Hoffding and Tomas Barfod. ‘Obstacle’n overcomes the difficulty of a track being easy to grasp yet challenging in its arrangement and aforegoing but still giving the listener a pause to breathe deeply.

WhoMadeWho’s EP ‘Obstacle‘ will be released on Blue Shadow on January 24th, 2020.

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