ART:CAST #76 by Echonomist

Hailing from Thessaloniki Echonomist has taken the scene not by storm but over the years. With releases on Upon.You, Innervisions and his upcoming dance floor weapon ‘Modern Wonder’ on TAU, Petros has set the base for a solid career with stardom tendencies as he regularly performs his energetic and musically diverse sets at local, national and international clubs. For the first art:cast of 2020 Echonomist deeply grasps into his music folders to come up with a selection of well-received and released tunes as well as forthcoming weapons from WhoMadeWho or Ditian. Moreover, the art:cast smoothly and skilfully skips between Breaks, Melodic House with a disco-esque note as well as a Leftfield/ Indie emphasis guarenteeing a diverse listening experience.


  1. Kosmas – U Give The Love
  2. Jepe – Early Days
  3. Aera, Terr – Terra
  4. Whomadewho – Obstacles
  5. Dominik Marz – Trouble
  6. Echonomist – Modern Wonder (Ditian ‘Snake’ Dub)
  7. Aaaron – Temple Of Aeons
  8. Ivory – The Pack Survives
  9. Solique – Kuma
  10. MAN2.0 – Hooked on U (Secret Factory Remix)

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