TOP10 of unreleased tracks for January 2020

Here’s the latest top10, this month it’s even a top12, of unreleased tracks for January 2020 brought to you by Torture the Artist to give you an overview of tunes that are going to be released within the next weeks and months.

  1. Biesmans ft. Irdorski ‘Electric Love (Marvin & Guy Amplifier Mix)’ [Watergate Records]
  2. Mooryc ‘One Day (Jules et Spatz Remix)’ [Sonar Kollektiv]
  3. Mr Raoul K ‘African Paradigm (Kuniyuki Remix)’ [Compost]
  4. Black Deer ‘Whose Birthday Is It Now?’ [Huntleys + Palmers]
  5. Bostro Pesopeo ‘Meti’ [Permanent Vacation]
  6. MLiR & Velmondo – Hokhmah [Internasjonal]
  7. Echonomist ft. Iokasti ‘Modern Wonder’ [TAU]
  8. WhoMadeWho ‘Obstacle (Marvin & Guy Remix)’ [Blue Shadow]
  9. John Talabot ‘Hivernoid’ [Hivern Discs]
  10. D.A.N. ‘Sundance (Kuniyuki Remix)’ [Studio Mule]
  11. Ivory & Augië ‘Basic Rhythm’ [MoBlack]
  12. Move D & Benjamin Brunn – Let’s Call It A Day LP [Smallville]

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