fivefourtwentytwentyone – PART III: threeninetyonefourtwentytwenty

The third part of Torture the Artist’s 5th anniversary compilation ‘fivefourtwentytwenty‘ comes with tracks/ edits from Upercent, Lazaros, Foreign Guest, Wewerka, Cook Strummer and Marc Wolf and are summed up under the code ‘threeninetyonefourtwentytwenty’, meaning 3 days in 2020. Valencia genius Upercent delivers a rhytmical homage to the floor with a break(down) that’s not only unusual or uncommon but simply stunning and surprising in its sound selection as it even has its secret ‘Moments In Love’-touch. The ‘art of noise’-master’s stomping take ‘Amor Mental’ then continues with the afore-introduced synths to bring the mental love home. Club-owner, DJ, label-head and producer, ever busy artist Marc Wolf took on Bon Iver’s ‘Woods’ and turns the original in a completely new tune that’s as haunting and craving as a Deep-House track can be as the memorable vocal is rather used to support the spooky mental chords and sound arrays than the other way around. Lazaros, best known for his releases on Sum Over Histories or Nautilus Rising, delivers a driving disco-ish take, namely ‘Medusa’, that is as intriguing as its name sounds and bites the listener with its first beat. The catchy chords in combination with a driving bass line and various tonal and volume changes as well as the implementation of filters’ turn Lazaros’ track to a proper dance floor stomper. Part III of the compilation is closed by Berliners Foreign Guest, Wewerka and Cook Strummer. While Foreign Guest and Wewerka were responsible for the ‘instrumental’ part of ‘Agonize’ Cook Strummer delivered the vocals to this deep, almost techno-seeming track that is so well produced but still edgy and crunchy with its shuffling chords that it can basically fit in a set at any time and any place.

Part I: eleventwotwentytwenty – December 20th, 2019
Part II: fourtwotwentytwenty – December 27th, 2019
Part III: threeninetyonefourtwentytwenty – January 3rd, 2020
Part IV: tenninetyonefourtwentytwenty – January 10th, 2020
The Riddle Track – January 12th, 2020

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