EXCLUSIVE Fahrland ft. Cherokee ‘All That I Need (Dave DK Remix)’ [Hippie Dance]

Cologne based producer Fahrland, formerly known under his Geiger moniker, had his comeback in 2018 with ‘Mixtape Vol. 1’ on Kompakt before he released his album ‘Oneness’ in January of this year. As 2019 comes to an end three tracks from ‘Oneness’, including the title track, get the remix treatment and are released on Pachanga Boys’ Hippie Dance label. Of course, Superpitcher, one part of Pachange Boys, provides a remix so does Fahrland as the LP’s title track comes in a new livery. Lastly Berliner and Pampa-mainstay Dave DK take on ‘All That I Need’ and delivers a piece of music that simply earns the word ‘beautiful’. Known for dedicating himself to deeper chords Dave DK manages, as he usually does, to implement Cherokee’s vocal not only smoothly but perfectly to his sound-landscape and delivers a track that certainly has a pop-ish touch but due to its tempo is one of these tunes that either adds an emotional note or a beautiful melancholia to any set.

Fahrland’s EP ‘Oneness Remixes‘ will be released on Hippie Dance on December 6th, 2019.

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