EXCLUSIVE Jac The Disco ‘Cosmic Matter (Prins Thomas Remix)’ [Spin On This]

Londoner Jay Rossi, better known under his Jac The Disco moniker, delivers the first EP of his newly and co-founded label Spin On This’. ‘Cosmic Matter’, the title of the label’s debut EP, comes with two original tracks, ‘Cosmic Matter’ and ‘Bali Dance’, as well as two remixes from two of the scene’s most iconic producers, namely I:Cube and Prins Thomas. While French legend I:Cube took on remix duties for ‘Bali Dance’, Prins Thomas reworks the EP’s title track. The Norwegian producer turns the orginal take into an eight minute lasting journey of blissful and mental sound-experiences paired with a lush bass line that’s basically rolling out the red carpet for the varying synths and percussions to walk the path and transport the listener to a mental state of mind that hits closest to the imagination of reaching fulfillment in sound spheres and niches.

Jac The Disco’s EP ‘Cosmic Matter‘ was released on Spin On This on December 2nd, 2019.

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