ART:CAST #71 by David Kochs & Dominik Marz

Freshly after their ‘Ghost Trance EP’ on Huntleys + Palmers’ sub-label Belters Augusburg residents Dominik Marz and David Kochs compiled the latest art:cast and come in with a deeply held and tightly squeezed progressing piece that can rather be determined by minutes thus length than it’s musically flamboyance. The 56 minute lasting showdown, or belter, depicts the artists’ musical state of mind in the most charming and sensitive way as it unites various genres or approaches as fluent, almost musically eloquent as Hemingway juggles with words in The Old Man and the Sea. Starting with deeply kept tunes, setting the tone of Marz & Kochs’ art:cast experience, the duo follows a stringent build-up with rising tension, switching from home-listening to almost club-moments and coming back to those deep chords from the beginning – just with leaving the listener in a different state. Kochs and Marz haunt through music as stylistically confident as to create some more ghost trance.


  1. Freedom Engine – A Box Full Of Magic
  2. Johannes Regnier – Hilbert Space (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)
  3. Dominik Marz – Vice Versa (forthcoming)
  4. Sascha Funke – Geisterfahrer
  5. Levon Vincent – Man or Mistress
  6. Daniel Bortz – Missing (forthcoming)
  7. Lost Scripts – Mozart
  8. Damon Jee – Chamaniac
  9. JMII – Pisco Laundromat
  10. Wraetlic – Spivate (David Kochs Remix) (forthcoming)
  11. Dominik Marz & Yannick Labbé – Dune (forthcoming)
  12. KF – 4am
  13. CZ Wang – Just Off Wave

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