EXCLUSIVE Saint Is feat. Juan Hansen ‘Something In Common’ [Sum Over Histories]

As DJs Frankey & Sandrino are used to scour platforms or infinite emails/ messages through music that fits their sets and fulfills the duo’s musical demands. A recurring task the both benefit from when it comes to finding new music and artists for their label Sum Over Histories. For the label’s third installment of this year Sandrino and Frankey have digged up newly founded duo Saint Is, who deliver an eclectic four-tracker called ‘Something In Common’ that draws on and pursues the musical history of the past six releases.

The EP’s title track ‘Something In Common’ is a prolific collaboration between Saint Is and Argentinian singer Juan Hansen, whose softly and sweetly whispered vocals add a profoundness and grief to the overally tender held bass line and pads, which still offer enough space for the spooky and edgy soundscapes to coopt the listener and transport the feeling of being torn inwardly and expressing this externally.

Saint Is’ EP ‘Something In Common‘ will be released on Sum Over Histories on November 1st, 2019.

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