EXCLUSIVE Sasse ‘Gulden’ [Moodmusic]

The Finlander from Berlin is back with a two-tracker that musically bridges an even wider distance than from his residency to his hometown, namely from Berlin to Detroit. After various remixes and two EPs, one with Sandrino and Langenberg and another one with ClĂ©, ‘Otava’ is Sasse‘s first solo-release of 2019 – one that draws on characteristic elements to obtain a sound that has its roots somewhere in-between the two aforementioned cities with ‘Gulden’ delivering an even deeper approach than the EP’s eponymous track ‘Otava’. The harmonic bass line in combination with spaced out synth-sounds and recurring pads create a cosmic atmosphere that guides the listener through interstellar sound waves as ‘Gulden’s arrangement is as constantly recurring as the synth pads themselves and thereby evoke an intimate feeling in a foreign surrounding.

Sasse’s EP ‘Otava‘ will be released on Moodmusic on August 23rd, 2019.

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