EXCLUSIVE Jepe ‘Gamma’ [Frau Blau]

The name Frau Blau, the German translation for Miss Blue, first appeared in the scene when Dixon dropped the legendary eponymous track by Kadosh & Yost Koen at Sonar 2018. After the track had been released as part of Innervisions’ Secret Weapons compilation, Kadosh stuck with the name as it aptly represents what the artist enjoys about music and language – the depth of the blue in music and the sound of the spoken words together – and made use of it to name his label, which he runs with Omri Guetta, after the track. With three releases on the label so far, Frau Blau readies its fourth catalogue number, which comes from Berlin based Portuguese producer Jepe and goes by the Greek letter of Δ,Delta, and since it is the fourth letter of the alphabet the EP has the same amount of tracks, namely two originals, ‘Delta’ and ‘Gamma’, both provided with one remix for each by Alican and Elias. Γ, Greek for Gamma, is a catchy yet edgy composition that twists and twirls the sounds over a galloping bass line and displays elements of 80s synths that find its way to the track in-between those crunchy and spooky sound sequences that make ‘the track a futuristic and aesthetic experience through time and space.

Jepe’s EP ‘Delta‘ will be released on Frau Blau on August 5th, 2019.

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