EXCLUSIVE STATUE ‘Solidify (Zombies In Miami Remix)’ [Le Temps Perdu]

Australia got its own statue in the electronic music scene, at least if you follow Tom Goud’s percussive-influenced project STATUE wherewith the artist released EPs on Fort Romeau’s label Cin Cin and Cut Copy’s Cutters Records. Now the artist releases his new piece of work on V’s imprint Le Temps Perdu. The five tracker comes with two original tracks and three remixes including Christian S and Mexican duo Zombies In Miami, who are slowly taking over the scene with releases and remixes on labels such as Correspondant, Cin Cin, Permanent Vacation or Love On The Rocks. It’s their versatility and ability to combine soundscapes and elements from different genres in one track – namely techno, rock, disco and indie-dance and so it’s no surprise the duo adds their trademark sound to STATUE’s ‘Solidify’ track. As Zombies In Miami adapt the original track’s vocal they build their New Wave-influenced instrumental around it and seize slight Acid bleeps as well as cow-bells. Overall Canibal and Jenice alias Zombies In Miami make clear why they are currently at the top of their game delivering a proper dance floor remix that surely will find its way into clubs like Berghain, Opium or Robert Johnson – without being rejected by the bouncer(s).

STATUE’s EP ‘Solidify‘ will be released on Le Temps Perdu on June 14th, 2019

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