REVIEW Gerry Read ‘It’ll All Be Over EP’ [Pampa Records]

Pampa Records, the brainchild of Dj Koze and Marcus Fink, have a shiny new EP coming out on May 10th. The young British producer began his musical journey with a connection to metal and jungle music but to all of our relief he ended up gravitation to electronic, specifically house and its subgenres. The ‘It’ll All Be Over’ EP boasts Gerry Read’s title track ‘It’ll All Be Over’, the Dj Koze remix (which has already been released and has been making waves), as well as a third track ‘Satyricon’. All three are a welcome addition to this year’s first wave of summer anthems.

Similar to other Koze favorites he begins the nu disco/house track with the catchy refrain, pretty much sealing the deal before we even have a chance to hear the bulk of the track. But who’s really complaining, right? Thick with lo-fi acoustic and instrumental sounds that lend themselves to the laid-back, easy-going improvised style, the hit is approachable, catchy and raw like something you might hear at a jam session or your neighbourhood barbeque. Groovy guitar licks and the sweet sounds of The Supreme Jubilees, whose vocals are sampled, keep the momentum going in this soulful feel good tune.

Backtrack a bit to the radio edit’s original which contains as much heart but with slightly less percussion and more muted melodies, resulting in a more acoustic vibe. A beautiful canvas upon which possibilities are endless and just waiting to be explored.

The final track ‘Satyricon’ is a pleasant jumble of sounds with a single toned melody that shines through and holds it all together. While it’s unclear if we should draw parallels to the tracks possible namesake, a Latin work of fiction coming from the late 1st century AD, what is clear is that Gerry Read is skilled at patch working snippets of sound, be it spoken vocals, sung vocals or melody into a greater works.

Gerry Read’s ‘It’ll All Be Over’ EP will be released on Pampa Records on May 10th, 2019.

Review by Tess Daniella

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