ART:CAST #56 by Sandrino – live set from Onder Ons @ Ruigoord

As a DJ you have nights and you have nights to remember and Sandrino‘s performance for Onder Ons @ Ruigoord, Amsterdam on March 23rd, 2019 without a doubt belongs to the latter or how the artist himself put it: ‘Superb vibes from the first to the last song.’ But you should not have expected less from the ambitious DJ and producer. With releases on Innervisions, Kompakt, Drumpoet Community, Mule Musiq or his very own artsy label Sum Over Histories, Sandrino and his partner in crime Frankey set the bar high when it comes to productions but the same counts for Sandrino’s DJ-performances. The artist, who enjoys to give experimental influenced music its space in his sets, flows through time and genres with his performances – never boring himself, never boring the crowd, as Sandrino knows how to create tension and gives the different musical approaches he usually chooses in his sets the embeddedness in a bigger context and therefore creates unique dance floor moments – technically perfectly mixed, of course. So for those who could not attend Sandrino’s performance in Amsterdam, Torture the Artist holds the complete set ready for you. Thanks to the artist and Onder Ons for sharing this with the world.

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