EXCLUSIVE Santiago Garcia & Speaking In Tongues ‘Lost In A Jungle’ [TAU]

Hamburg based label TAU introduces its listeners to the label’s first various artist compilation, ‘Spektrum 1′, that contains new music from label affiliates as well as artists that have been in the musical orbit of it. Aside from Adana Twins’ contribution ‘Jumanji’ and Innellea’s track ‘The Things We’ve Accomplished Together’, ‘Spektrum 1’ has six more gems in store featuring artist such as Sobek, Ede, Luis Junior, Daniel Bortz or Santiago Garcia & Speaking In Tongues‘ contribution ‘Lost In A Jungle’. The latter’s track has already been favored by Innervisions’ Dixon and makes a perfect fit to his sets as the two artists, Santiago an Speaking In Tongues, created a track that covers rhythmical and melodic elements. In a Santiago’s typical trademark sound the percussions shuffle their way through the beginning and are supported by tropical soundscapes before a synth-line is added and take the cut to its next level.

Santiago Garcia and Speaking In Tongues’ ‘Lost In A Jungle‘ will be released on TAU’s ‘Spektrum 1’ compilation on April 12th, 2019.

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