EXCLUSIVE Fred und Luna ‘Es Ist Heiß’ [Compost]

‘Es Ist Heiß’, German for ‘it’s hot’ is the third track on Fred und Luna‘s upcoming EP ‘Im Tanzrausch’ and the first release after the artist’s album ‘Im Tiefenrausch’, which was released in February. Unlike usual Fred und Luna productions ‘Es Ist Heiß’ is rather text-oriented but aside from that perfectly follows Fred und Luna’s typical electro-krautrockisch musical approach. Looking for a change in life the I-narrator maunders through the world and ends up on the African continent, where he starts suffering from the heat. Hence he leaves to travel back home just to realize that it has become almost as hot as in Africa. As a result the narrator decides to travel to ‘nowhere’, which could either mean that the narrator accepts the ecological circumstances in his home country or ‘nowhere’ is real place to visit. Either way Fred und Luna leave it open to their listeners to speculate whether the place exists anywhere, meaning in real life or in an imagined world or fantasy. Thus ‘Es Ist Heiß’ can be considered as a nada-physical piece of music and goes hand in hand with former musical approaches from the artist. Musically the aspect of the aforementioned torturing hotness is represented in a sped up bassline and two synth-lines, while their speed is contrary as one is slower while the other one the opposite, still the track contains shorter breaks, which represent the narrator’s fatigue. While the ending of the track gives up on any bassline and focuses on melodic aspects only to leave it open to the listener whether ‘nowhere’ exists. Once again Fred und Luna came up with remarkable song-writing skills smoothly paired with an well-fitting arrangement to draw attention to socially important topics such as the climate change and human’s restlessness in a globalized world.

Fred und Luna’s EP ‘Im Tanzrausch‘ will be released on Compost March 22nd, 2019.

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