Hailing from Montreal to the world All Is Well has been a constant in the electronic music scene for more than two decades. With his ‘Fragments EP’, which was released on Drumpoet Community in autumn 2018, the Montrealer basically made sure that club-goers and artists were introduced to new sound-experiences. As much as his own productions depict the artist’s versatility when it comes to electronic music – deeper soundscapes and well balanced melodic elements are All Is Well’s trademark-sound – the Canadian does just that when it comes to mixes. His art:cast special covers a variety of different electronic music sub-genres but All Is Well manages to smoothly, skillfully and precisely put them together to create one ultimate sound-product that stands the zeitgeist as it is timeless.


  1. Spectral Empire’Innerfearence (Chateau Flight Remix)’
  2. Prins Thomas ‘Feel The Love’
  3. Klein &MBO ‘The MBO Theme’
  4. Amberoom ‘Kastell (Dixon Retouch)’
  5. New Jackson ‘Romancecar ‘
  6. Karol XVII & MB Valence ‘Aqua (Jimpster Remix)’
  7. Benjamin Fröhlich ‘Ghost Orchid’
  8. Kiwi ‘LakE’
  9. Martin Buttrich ‘Northeast’
  10. Manuel Tur ‘Astrakan’
  11. Herbert ‘It’s Only (DJ Koze Remix)’
  12. Blood Orange ‘Minetta Creek (All Is Well Edit)’


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