IMPRESSIONS Frankey & Sandrino @ Leave Us Lost

The pair began cleanly; it was a smooth lift off from the openers, paying respect to the natural development of the room and its energy. On top of spacey synth notes, grandiose chords and a surging beat, a woman speaks; the music rising and falling with the cadence of her voice. Immediately we can see Frankey & Sandrino fall into a rhythm, both musically and personally, something that effectively drew the crowd in deeper. Only a few moments in we hear Alex Niggemann’s ‘Bwana’ which brings a jungle vibe to the industrial warehouse. The two’s talent for emotive melodies had already been established, with only 30 minutes to the clock.

With the steady rise and fall we end up in a downward shift. But what goes up must come down landing us perfectly and deep within Phillip Harms track ‘Nokk’. Its sweeping and fuzzy synth melodies make the sound appear almost transient; just a few moments of this and we’ve moved on. Then the tempo takes a turn back upwards as we move into our second hour. We begin to hear harder stabs and more obscure sounds and modulations, adding to the plethora of new music we’ve already witnessed.

Underneath a cascade of light, fractured into a million pieces by the raver’s favourite ceiling adornment, the disco ball, both artists continue their delicate dance of tracks with varying keys and moods. During the age of short sets we were lucky enough to hear a full three hours, enabling them to somewhat stretch their wings within the time limitations. But back to the music, we find ourselves in the midst of Amberoom’s ‘Tulu’. A heart-stopper through and through, it is a perfect amalgamation of musical elements that in its apex, or its final culmination, is nothing short of a sonic masterpiece.

As we enter the third and final hour, the duo has fully settled into their rhythm. Enjoying drinks and cigarettes we can feel them shed a layer, bringing them that much closer to us. Its now that we hear the most elusive track of the evening, a gothic and glitchy record that begins with an organ-sounding synth melody that will haunt your dreams. Frankey & Sandrino had masterfully entranced our hearts and our minds. Although we were technically entering the early hours of the morning, you wouldn’t know it if you were dancing with us. But all good things must come to an end, and that marked the end of another memorable Lost All Night.

Impressions by Tess Daniella

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