EXCLUSIVE Impérieux ‘Inat’ [Sum Over Histories]

Something’s bubbling up on Sum Over Histories‘ stove. Known for its carefully chosen musical pieces, Frankey & Sandrino’s label kicks off 2019 with Impérieux’s two tracker ‘Mehmed’ – an artist and crowd favourite over recent weeks and months.

The EP’s title track, ‘Mehmed’, precisely depicts Alper’s – Impérieux’s real name – next stage as a producer. Skilfully elaborated soundscapes meet whizzing percussions that remain in the background and allow the dusky chords to create a sentimental ride through different emotional states. Neatly addressing one’s mind, the track consciously plays with the extremes of light and dark in a continuous and alternating manner without giving in to either one of them.

The Turkish and Bulgarian word for stubborn, ‘Inat’, marks the name of Impérieux‘s second track of the EP. The initially introduced vocal-snippets allude to this specific mindset. In combination with the pummelled keys, ‘Inat’ evokes the impression of the artist directly following his imagined musical path. ‘Inat’ is so clearly arranged and so profound in its use of mental soundscapes that it’s impossible to withdraw from it at any point.

Impérieux not only gives some deep insights into his current state of mind with ‘Mehmed’ but first and foremost delivers an EP that satisfies a thoughtful dance floor.

Impérieux‘s EP ‘Mehmed‘ will be released February 8th, 2019 on Sum Over Histories.

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