EXCLUSIVE The Golden Filter ‘Cut My Hair’ [4GN3S]

It was at Sonar 2018 when a track simply named ‘Talk Talk Talk‘ made people hush and entirely focus on what’s most important for artists – their music. And let’s call things what they are, The Golden Filter scored a hit. ‘Talk Talk Talk’ was released a few weeks later – a track that was originally meant to be the title track for the duo’s EP ‘Dislocation’ but due to the buzz it had caused had to be released earlier. Now that the Barcelonian summer is almost as far away as it is close and the hype around ‘Talk Talk Talk’ decreased the time has finally come to be introduced to Penelope Trappes’andStephen Hindman’ aforementioned five tracker ‘Dislocation’. With the latter EP the current Londoners produced a sweet little masterpiece, one track more refined than another, and each representing The Golden Filter’s unique style and musical approach. It’s a distinctive rawness in the music, a touchof New Wave, a heavy yet so easily flowing bass line and partly aspiring vocals with a unique sound from a stellar singer. All these musical traits are featured in The Golden Filter’s B2 track of the EP ‘Cut My Hair’. Subtle raw vocals echoing from the back to the foreground over a progressing synth-melody that unfolds its full power as the end of the track comes closer. ‘Cut My Hair’ depicts the duo’s preference for unfinished sounding sound-designs that are perfect in their imperfection and therefore perfect in its entirety.

The Golden Filter’s EP ‘Dislocation‘ will be released on January 18th, 2019 on 4GN3S.

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