ART:CAST #48 by Musumeci

When speaking of current electronic music it is inevitable to not come across Musumeci. The busy Sicilian artist is – unlike other in-demand musicians – no overnight sensation but has steadily made his way to the top over the past decades. Whether as a solo artist, a member of Human Machine or cooperations with long time friends and musical affiliates like Lehar or Olderic Musumeci’s music has the finger on the pulse as it manages to touch people at an emotional level due to its melodious focus that goes a long way towards losing people’s daily struggles or sorrows. As a matter of fact Mauro, how close friends call Musumeci, not merely has proven that his own music productions strike a chord, but his signings for labels such as Multinotes, Engrave Ltd or Buttress, which he all co-founded, have done the same. Nevertheless the multi-talented artist remains humble and approachable for his followers, friends and musical family. Mauro’s art:cast reflects all of the aforementioned: a well-chosen track-selection creating an overall driving sub-tone as the listeners gets soaked into the synth-based melodies to utterly lose themselves to the music that is emotionally accessible, pleasing and foremost represents an insight to the artist and his way to connect with his followers.

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