EXCLUSIVE Dominik Marz ‘Joan’ [Belters]

Hailing from southern Germany to the electronic music world Dominik Marz has landed various attention gaining releases over the past months and years. His latest EP, simply called ‘Belters presents Dominik Marz’, is no exception and serves as an early Christmas present for underground audiophiles. The four tracker comes with a collaboration with David Kochs for ‘Strangers In Paradise’, a remix by Bostro Pesopeo & 2D Torso as well as two original tracks from the Augsburger, namely ‘In Between’ and ‘Joan’. Latter was inspired by ‘the coolest person on earth’ according to the producer and isn’t in no way inferior to the musical outcome or approach Marz chose. The track, released on Huntleys + Palmers sub label Belters, starts with a driving bass line as the synths’ volume is adjusted to the firstly named as the track progresses. The interaction of both is added even more value when the lead-synth sets in and catapults the disco-ish enriched track to dance floor heaven. No wonder the track is already supported by Ame from Innervisions.

Dominik Marz’s EP ‘Belters presents Dominik Marz‘ will be released December 7th, 2018 on Belters.

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