ART:CAST #46 by Aera

Originally from Northern Germany Aera now resides in Berlin from where he spreads his artistically influenced music productions all around the globe. With releases on renowned labels such as Permanent Vacation, Innervisions, Maeve or Hivern Discs Ralf, Aera’s real name, has drawn and gained lots of attention to and for his productions over the past several years, or how the producer would say it ‘he sprinkled some fairy dust’ amongst the scene. Certainly and shortly, the artist will continue to spread his magic further as late 2018 sees him releasing a remix on Duro, an EP on Permanent Vacation and playing at Berghain/ Panoramabar in December. Until then we have to settle with Aera’s contribution to Torture the Artist’s art:cast series, a 1 hour 21 minute lasting ‘magic carpet ride’ through the variety of genres, through Ralf’s record box, through time and space. The Berliner by choice showcases his eclectic style in the most demanding and refreshing way, blending various genres and influences and creates one piece of music that, like Aera said before handing his art:cast in, ‘flows’.


  1. Grant Green ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ [Blue Note[
  2. Bato Bato ‘Entrado en la Boveda’ [Bato Records]
  3. Objekt ‘Secret Snake’ [PAN]
  4. Dos Ritmos ‘Calypso’ [Klasse Wrecks]
  5. Phillipi & Rodrigo ‘Paciencia (DEEWEEDUB)’ [Deewee]
  6. People Plus ‘Olympus Mons’ [Incienso]
  7. Middle Sky Boom ‘Dining Fine’ [Rotten City]
  8. Sascha Funke ‘Kaleidoskop’ [Permanent Vacation]
  9. Stefano Ritteri ‘Mutanda’ [Viaggo Recordings]
  10. Jimpster ‘Burning Up (Bawrut Remix) [Freerange Records]
  11. Erol Alkan ‘Spectrum’ [Phantasy Sound]
  12. MUSK ‘Cynic Games’ [Permanent Vacation]
  13. Joris Biesmans ‘Please Fix My Linndrum’ [TVe]
  14. Dominik Marz & David Koch ‘Strangers In Paradise ‘ [Huntleys & Palmers]
  15. Whitesquare ‘Ligai’ [Freerange Records]
  16. Paul and The Hungry Wolf ‘Golden Kimono’ [Galactico]
  17. Bob Moses ‘Back Down (Nathan Micays Bubble Trouble Dub Remix)’ [Domino]
  18. Aera ‘Birds At The Lighthouse’ [Permanent Vacation]

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