EXCLUSIVE Between Ourselves ‘Red Mist (Ruede Hagelstein’s Boost Cut)’ [Best Works Records]

After André Lodemann‘s highly appreciated album ‘The Deeper You Go’ it’s Irish duo Between Ourselves that follow the label-head’s steps and see Davin Coady and Geoff Foley release their ‘Red Mist EP’ on Best Works. The four tracker, consisting of two originals, André’s edit of the title track as well as Ruede Hagelstein‘s take on ‘Red Mist’, depicts the sheer potential and sound sophistication of the Waterford-boys Davin and Geoff. Watergate-resident Ruede Hagelstein’s approach to ‘Red Mist’, which he simply called Boost Cut, does just what the working title suggests: it strips down the elements, emphasizes the carefully-chosen ones and adds a crucial darker tone and atmosphere to the track. Kind of like boosting the mental component while reducing the original’s melodic elements to an essential minimum in the beginning and middle-part before allowing them to become the carrying soundscapes in the course and flow into a spheric peak that contains elegancy and rawness.

Between Ourselves’s EP ‘Red Mist‘ will be released November 9th, 2018 on Best Works Records.

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