EXCLUSIVE Toto Chiavetta ‘The Paranoid GoGo’ [Multinotes]

Multinotes is the union of Italian music mainstays and enthusiasts Lehar, Musumeci and Olderic and depicts their vision and approach of modern electronic music. With the label’s first compilation, ‘Exhibition Vol. 1’ the three even-handedly DJs and producers brought together artists and music from their closer environment to showcase the label’s almost infinite potential to shape the scene’s current and future sound. Multi-talented, cherished and respected Toto Chiavetta, widely known for releases on Innervisions or Mule Musiq, contributes what he claims to be his most ‘crazy’ production up to date, namely the track ‘The Paranoid GoGo’. What characterizes Toto’s contribution to the EP is the typical yet always charming symbiosis of a stripped-down sounding bass line and the intriguing mental synths, which are accompanied by few vocal-snippets and are carefully implemented into the track. ‘The Paranoid GoGo’ invites the psyche to literally and naively strip naked to then realize that it is possibly sized up by an imaginative audience as the voice in your head plays tricks with your mind while you ride the dance-wave of the bass, midrange and treble.

Multinotes’ compilation ‘Exhibition Vol. 1‘ will be released November 5th, 2018.

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