EXCLUSIVE Redbed ‘La All (Grizzly Mix)’ [Sol Eterno]

Based in Berlin and run by Fabian Braunbeck and Hazel, Sol Eterno has been known for releasing rhythmically influenced music. With the label’s upcoming EP ‘La All’ by Stuttgart producer Redbed Sol Eterno chooses a different musically approach though. ‘La All’ still covers what the label mainly stands for, emotions and groove, but in a different musical surrounding as the EP combines the aforementioned features in a calmer context. The ‘La All (Grizzly Mix)’ by Berlin DJ and producer Grizzly is a symbiosis of spherical soundscapes and a raw and well-reduced bass line that on the one hand has the strength to emphasize the melodic structure of the track and on the other side adds a darker tone it, still leaving enough space for details in the track’s arrangement. ‘La All (Grizzly Mix)’ portrays Berlin’s nightlife musically – it’s emotional, sensitive, raw, dark and beautiful.

Redbed’s EP ‘La All‘ will be released October 12th, 2018 on Sol Eterno.

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