EXCLUSIVE Chinaski ‘Zeichen Der Zeit’ [Riotvan]

Frankfurt based DJ and producer Stefan Chinaski has realized the signs of the times and follows his intuition of creating mindful music that can be classified as a mixture of 80s synth-industrial influences and mental futuristic soundscapes. Starting off with a bare synth-chord, which is set with a spacey spheric tapestry of sound the bassline sets in after fairly a minute. Subsequently the prior introduced synth-chord receives accoustic gain by implementing a second multi-note synth that adds both to the track: a nostalgic 80s vibe and an encouraging futuristic approach that not only peaks in the break but gains further sound-support as if Captain Future slipped into a new spacesuit. Where many fail and when a track is exposed to either be a ‘tool’ or a ‘weapon’, Chinaski decides for the latter as he uses the heavy synth from the beginning to continue ‘Zeichen Der Zeit’ after the break. Therefore the track gains another push that maintains its tension throughout the track.

Riotvan‘s various artists EP ‘Familiar Faces NÂș2‘ is released October 5th, 2018.

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