EXCLUSIVE Roger van Lunteren ‘Uncontacted’ [Something Happening Somewhere]

Dutch born and German raised producer Roger van Lunteren makes his debut on Nuno Dos Santos’ renowned label Something Happening Somewhere, short SoHaSo, that gives home to artists such as Love over Entropy, Kurt Baggaley or Nuno himself. Roger’s debut EP, ‘Rosa Dos Santos’, includes four original tracks and an Aroy Dee remix of ‘Vanish’ that all capture the reality and the consciousness within our dreams when we sleep and translate the encountered circumstances in our dreamt-reality into the language of music. ‘Uncontacted’ is no exception and starts off with choral pads creating a relaxed atmosphere that is not even interrupted when the bassline sets in. In the course of the track acid-bleeps are implemented that seem to prepare the listener for a higher state of consciousness of the introduced second reality that one faces when drifting off into dreams.

Roger van Lunteren’s EP ‘Rosa Dos Ventos‘ will be released September 7th, 2018 on Something Happening Somewhere.

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