EXCLUSIVE Aaaron & Deckert feat. Meggy ‘Shadows’ [Chapter 24]

After Aaaron‘s remix for Djuma Soundsystem & Westerby’s track ‘Disambigua‘, which was released last year on Chapter 24, the Berliner teams up with Deckert and vocalist Meggy for his label debut, ‘Shadows’. The percussion driven EP title track is the perfect symbiosis of a late summer tale and a golden autumn as it covers the warmth of both seasons and enriches it with the romance one can find in the beauty of Meggy’s dreamancholic voice. Aaaron & Deckert manage to balance the usage of synth pads and vocals and give both the freedom to unfold their strengths as they are supported by the producer’s preference of adding rhythm-influencing soundscapes. If there has ever been a shadow covering the trio, they surely stepped out of it with this track, with this EP.

Aaaron & Deckert’s EP ‘Shadows‘ will be released August 31st, 2018 on Chapter 24.

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