EXCLUSIVE Cornucopia ‘Forever Gone’ [microCastle]

Mysterious project Cornucopia releases its sophomore EP, ‘Forever Gone’ on Canada based label microCastle. The EP’s title track, a 11:34 minute voyage into the depth of organically sounding spheres, shines through its consciousness of combing transcendental soundscapes with nature and therefore perfectly fits the label’s musical philosophy. After an almost three minute build-up of diverse spherical elements ‘Forever Gone’ then introduces the congas, which in combination with the aforementioned spherical soundscapes form the body of the track. But just as you expect to be carried to the end of the track ‘Forever Gone’ closes in for the final chapter as the bass line sets in.

Cornucopia’s EP ‘Forever Gone‘ will be released on July 27th, 2018 on microCastle.

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