EXCLUSIVE Three Less One ‘Walking On My Dreams’ [Moodmusic]

After releasing their track ‘Like A Poem’ on Moodmusic’s ‘Eclectic 03’ compilation last year Italian duo Three Less One return to Sasse’s label with a three tracker this time. ‘Walking On My Dreams’ is a homage to the deeper soundscapes of House music featuring the typical characteristics the genre has to offer but combining them in the most sensual way so that even Nick Holder’s ‘Erotic Illusions’ would re-experience some ‘Mind Sex’. There is no denying that Fleur‘s vocals add the little extra to the track as her voice charms the deep synth chords and the other way around. Three Less One and Fleur created a musical piece that transfers the sexiness of the genre from the noughties to the present but remains timeless and exhibits their fruitful collaborative talent as they continue their musical ‘poem writing’.

Three Less One’s EP ‘Walking On My Dreams‘ will be released on July 27th, 2018 on Moodmusic.

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