EXCLUSIVE Yeah But No ‘Renew Me (Panthera Krause Remix)’ [Sinnbus]

Yeah But No‘s self-titled debut album, enriched with melancholically influenced tracks, catered for an Indian Summer last year. Now, six months later, it’s time to cross out the word Indian and welcome the all-season suitable melancholia with new musical re-interpretations of some of the album’s tracks. Leipzig based producer Panthera Krause adds a refreshing experimental still clearly considerable as a House Music touch to the original with his remix to ‘Renew Me’. Starting off ‘in media res’ Panthera Krause’s approach starts with a demanding synth before a break-beat influenced bassline sets in, which paves the way for the vocals to make their appearance. The remix never leaves the pattern of its eclectic and prior introduced elements and therefore creates a calmness in its liveliness.

Yeah But No’s EP ‘Remixes I‘ will be released May 8th, 2018 on Sinnbus.

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