EXCLUSIVE Engyn ‘I Can Still Hear Her Smile (Aera Remix)’ [Empore Music]

Imagine that someone sprinkled some fairy dust on a track, the outcome would be rather obvious. This someone was Berlin based producer Aera who remixed his close friend and studio neighbor Engyn and his ambient track ‘I Can Still Hear Her Smile’. Using only few parts from the original Aera recorded the tambourine as well as other percussions himself. Furthermore he wrote the string parts and, of course, played the synth-sounds on top and added his Aera trademark sequence on top of the groovy bassline. The outcome is an euphoric still melancholically touched piece of art that is both: touching and relinquishing.

Engyn’s EP ‘The Pain‘ was released May 4th, 2018 on Empore Music.

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