REVIEW Luis Junior ‘Eternity EP’ [Mooseekaa]

Having released his first 12” in 1993 and jumpstarting his musical career even before then, Luis Junior has been in the game for quite some time. And so it does not come to a surprise, that when it comes to the subject of Eternity, the ultimate measure of longevity, the Madrid-based DJ/Producer is clearly well-versed. Through the five track EP, ‘Eternity’, Mooseekaa’s 34th release, Junior resounds various semblances of grandeur gracefully and with overflowing substance, thereon expanding and further substantiating his very own label’s repertoire.

First of the quintuplet is the original version of the title track. ‘Eternity’, and at 7:41, the lengthiest production on the release, and our quickest route into the Mediterranean. There’s no getting seasick here, Junior accelerates our escapade with a smooth and scenic build up – a catchy bassline with rich percussive elements and hints of carefully peppered chimes and eloquent sears. Although it could go for eternity, the track dives into a stunning melodic procession just when ample wiggle room allows. Melody, beat and jangling waltz and sway until a clear sailing procession treads ‘Eternity’ onto its elegant and lasting finish, reminiscent of the open, playful vibes of the Balearic.

Circling insiders’ radars since it cast a magical spell on the crowd during Sandrino and Lehar’s Garden of Dreams set in Sarajevo last year, Junior breaks the seemingly-eternal wait for the eternal dance, and treats listeners with an alternative savoir-faire.

Next up is the Old School Version of ‘Eternity’, 122 bpm and paced evenly as its predecessor, though plenty more virile and abrupt. Hitting heavier on the bottom half of the drum set, this bass-heavy alter ego breaks, beats and batters the original but somehow manages to preserve all of its gracefulness. A groovy, feet-rattling deep house track that draws beauty from collision, and reflects an alternative and Alternative side of Junior’s artistry.

‘Oversized’ starts out robust, pummeling through its ascension with adamant gusto. It’s massive alright, but neutralized by see-sawing synth chords and well-measured taps on the hi-hats and cymbals, arrives at the climax without losing listeners’ along the way. At peak, layers of sounds grow immense, and the infiltration of all aural space becomes anxious and mesmerizing at once.

Organic techno proponent Rancido joins Junior in his venture and contributes a delightful adaptation of ‘Oversized’. The Dutch-based producer dissects the original and recycles some of its key components, but appends them against an emotive melodic backdrop that is euphoric exactly when it needs to be. A bubblier bassline driven by a vibrant pulsation, accentuated with tribal undertones and incinerated by friction of percussion all flow together throughout the 6:49 procession, and naturally take the body along with it, all through its finale which could be one of the most poignant moments of the EP. Track 4 is not overbearing but oversized as it overlays head to toe, left hip to right, and emanates an upbeat aura that could be contagious on any dance floor.

Wrapping up our five track journey is ‘More Reasons’, a complex hodgepodge of tempers and styles. Rich in both organic and synthetic elements of sound, a striking organ procession stands out, a mystical allure made more relevant by Junior’s finesse in all aspects of drums. ‘More Reasons’ is at the first half, lamenting, expressive and resolute but a boost of confidence and vigor from strikes of synth and bass-drubbing swerves it to a valiant finish.

As a DJ, Junior has grown to be an expert of dancefloor dynamics, setting moods and maintaining well-balanced energies in clubs and festivals worldwide. As a producer, he is forward-thinking, often genre-bending and blending, innovative yet careful and precise in optimizing his own style. ‘Eternity EP’ is the convergence of pure artistic genius, adeptness and versatility through the ever-changing currents of trends and tests of time.

Luis Junior’s ‘Eternity EP‘ was released April 19th, 2018 on Mooseekaa. (Marie J.)

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