IMPRESSIONS Lehar @ Leave Us Lost / All Through The Night Tour

Diynamic Music artist Lehar made his Canada debut during his ‘All Through The Night Tour’ for Leave Us Lost on March 31stand Vancouver showed him a warm welcome. Bubbling with excitement, underground music lovers flocked to techno-sanctuary Open Studios with open minds, dressed in their dancing shoes.

The venue had been transformed into a whimsical oasis; soft pastel hues radiated from floral accents with abstract and celestial visuals imprinted on the main wall, and multicoloured lights pulsed in the overhead umbrellas. We danced under a canopy of colour.

The room had been meticulously prepared by opening acts with the dense crowd at peak excitement just as Lehar arrived in the booth. The Italian took a sip of pinot grigio and skillfully took the reins. Combining upbeat tempos and euphoric vocals, Lehar did Diynamic Music proud. He brought emotion-filled melodies and rolling bass lines, employing tones of all pitch and colour, painting the room bright. He played tracks the avid music lover recognized, and he played tracks that had not seen the light of day, test-driving hidden gems in the dark recluses of a warehouse in Vancouver. We heard the ever-elusive ‘Taht Min Aini (You’ve Fallen From My Eyes)’ by Unnayanna & Irfan Rainy featuring Ibtisam, as well as recently released Multinotes records by Enzo Elia – ‘Feudal’ featuring IMGL and ‘Paroxetin’. His closing record was fittingly his own ‘The Last Track’, a gentle ballad that tugs at your heartstrings. The bittersweet taste at the end of the night turned more sweet than bitter when the last sounds that touched our ears were the lulling melodies of this beautiful track. Two tones rocked back and forth while harp-sounding arpeggiated notes slowly fell from high to low until the lights were turned on.

While Lehar’s music kept attention unwavering for hours, his stage presence did too. The charismatic and hospitable artist filled the room with his music and his character, both of which fueled the party fire, making him the curator of not only a musical story but a personal one as well. Memories were made that night. (Tess)

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