EXCLUSIVE Luis Junior ‘Ipsum (Stereocalypse Remix)’ [Best Works Records]

Catalogue #21 of Berlin based and Andre Lodemann run label Best Works Records comes from Spanish producer Luis Junior, who delivers two original cuts, ‘2db2’ and ‘Ipsum’, while the latter gets the remix treatment from label honcho Andre Lodemann & Fabian Dikhof and Italian in-demand-duo Stereocalypse. Enrico de Vecchi and Andrea Doria alias Stereocalypse have been responsible for some of the most tremendous club hits in the recent past. First the duo remixed ‘I Don’t Know’ by WhoMadeWho last year, while this year ‘Blue Dome Escargot’ was released on Innervisions’ ‘Secret Weapon, Pt. 10’. Now Enrico and Andrea come up with another potential hit as their remix for Luis Junior got all the ingredients that it takes to be leave a remarkable impression on dance floors. Starting off with wobbling synth chords that accompany the listener throught the first part in various tonalities Stereocalypse then include the hunting vocal from the original, enhance it and make it sound like a regular sound-element of the track. The remix then bundles its synergies to hit dancing heads and headphone enthuasiasts with an inclusion of the slighty changed synth-chords from the original that add both to the track: pace and a ravey touch. Latter peaks when the dry yet groovy bassline and the aforementioned synth-melodies are added some piercing synth that seem to have arrived from ‘Another Earth’. With their remix for ‘Ipsum’ Stereocalypse remind its listeneres of the beauty of well-chosen tonalities in combination with a pure and raw bassline.

Luis Junior’s EP ‘Ipsum‘ will be released May 4th, 2018 on Best Works Records.

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