REVIEW Steve Parry ‘Squidfist (Charles Webster Remix)’ [Selador]

Steve Parry’s ‘Squidfist’ gets a reinvention, and it’s a good one. British producer Charles Webster has tried his hand at this release with great acclaim. The father of two labels, ‘A Love From San Francisco’ which was active through the 90’s, and a more contemporary one named ‘Miso Records’ run with fellow countrymen Atjazz, that’s only one aspect of Websters resume. In his latest release he employs a multitude of rhythmic patterns to create a pulsing dance floor ready track and it’s already been making waves.

A rhythmically complex track emerges from the ashes of a static filled, minimal introduction full of drums, keyboard notes and bass tones. The track begins with a sliding off beat rhythm that favours beat two, an atypical emphasis, of course. This is carried over into the preceding two additions, one by the drums and another by a keyboard instrument. Our internal metronomes are finally appeased when the bass enters and delivers a front heavy punch at the start of every bar that slowly tapers off each time. At the tracks height, the culmination of all sounds cycling together, it begins to gear down, deconstructing itself element by element.

Steve Parry ‘Squidfist (Charles Webster Remix)’ was released on March 23rd, 2018 on Selador. (Tess)

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