EXCLUSIVE Luis Junior ‘Eternity’ [Mooseekaa]

It was one of these magical moments when Luis Junior‘s track ‘Eternity’ was dropped in Lehar & Sandrino’s Garden of Dreams set in Sarajevo last year. But the wait, which felt like an ‘Eternity’, is over now and sees the cut being released on Luis Junior’s very own label Mooseeka. The Madrilenian created a Mediterranean vibe with his track ‘Eternity’ that could last as long as the track title suggests. Starting off rather smooth and taking its listener on a one minute bass line ride only, ‘Eternity’ goes strong as soon as its first synth chords catch the listener’s ear. From then on Luis Junior trusts his keen sense of combing a memorable melody with the aforementioned smooth bass line that partly is enriched with chimes as well as additional synth chords and peak in a short break before the track continues with its ultimate groove to take its listeners on a final ride into a Mediterranean sunset.

Luis Junior’s EP ‘Eternity’ will be released April 19th, 2018 on Mooseekaa.

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