EXCLUSIVE Sifa & Ivory feat. Oluhle ‘Wonani’ [Sol Eterno]

Belgian DJ, producer and Depth head honcho Sifa teams up with Daniel Tagliaferri alias Ivory and London based singer Oluhle for Sol Eterno‘s second catalogue number, ‘Wonani’. After Fabian Braunbeck’s first release on the label, ‘Ullalet’, which was one of the most well-received Afro-House tracks of 2017, Sifa and Ivory come up with a new musical approach for the genre and its future. While Oluhle’s vocals underline the African influence in the track it’s the instrumental that defines a different path the genre could take. Sifa and Ivory focus on rather ‘ravey’ attributes, meaning the duo emphasizes on trance influenced melodies and synth-riffs and a tight bass drum instead of commonly used percussive influenced characteristics. But exactly for this particular reason, combining African vocals with traditional electronic music elements, the track depicts an important area of overlap of the genres and represents a darker and more club oriented approach of the Afro-House genre.

Sifa & Ivory’s EP ‘Wonani‘ will be released April 13th, 2018 on Sol Eterno.

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