EXCLUSIVE Sobek ‘Handmade Desire’ [Monaberry]

Monaberry label honchos Felix Thielemann and Mathias Schwarz alias Super Flu have been persistent and permanent companions when it comes to dance floor oriented House music made in Germany. The duo, who has released on labels such Traum Schalplatten, Matthias Tanzmann’s former Moon Harbour sub-label Lorna or Herzblut – aside from putting out music on Monaberry – consistently invites label-associated artists to compile the traditional ‘Herberts Best’-series. With six ‘Herbs’ out there Super Flu curated some well-received tracks for the seventh installment including Marton Sobek‘s ‘Handemade Desire’. The Hungarian DJ and producer delivers a slightly progressive influenced House cut that also unites percussions with an African chant, which brings back memories to the Ferrer and Sydenham’s classic ‘Timbuktu’. The percussive elements subtly carry the ‘Handmade Desire’ but it is Sobek’s synth-chord-variation that adds soul to the track, whose arrangement comes along in recurring waves. The variation of tension and pause create a rollercoaster ride of musical excitement.

Sobek’s track ‘Handmade Desire’, part of ‘Herberts Best 07‘, will be released March 23rd, 2018 on Monaberry.

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