DJ CHARTS Switchdance [Karakter Records/ Beachcoma]

Marco Antao alias Switchdance does not only captivate its listeners with his productions on labels such as Karakter Records, Galaktika or Innervisions but excels as a DJ with eclectic taste in one of Portugal’s renowned nightclubs – Lux Fragil in Lisboa. Check out Marco’s current top10 in no particular order for Torture the Artist.

  1. Zov Zov ‘Hands Held Up‘ [BerCeuse Heroique]
  2. Xen & Yovav ‘Shavit’ [Malka tuti]
  3. Perel ‘Alles‘ [DFA]
  4. Pedro Martins ‘Kerala (Birdzzie Remix)’ [unreleased)
  5. Chloé ‘Recall (Moire Remix)‘ [Lumière Noire]
  6. Manycure ‘Native Speech’ [Karakter Records]
  7. Max Abysmal ‘Sutekh´s Mirage’ [Safe Trip]
  8. Simple Symmetry ‘Yalla‘ [Multi Culti]
  9. Ramzi ‘Brazili‘ [12th Isle]
  10. Timothy Clerkin ‘Akama’ [Hard Fist]

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