DJ CHARTS Lazaros [Sum Over Histories]

Sum Over Histories’ artist Lazaros has many talents. From taking pictures that portray reality in abstract or beautiful surroundings over to producing music that goes far deeper than electronic music can go to DJ-sets that represent Lazaros’ exquisite taste, the Cologner is art himself. Enjoy Lazo’s current top10 for Torture the Artist with some forgotten findings.

  1. Pink Floyd ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond‘ [Harvest]
  2. The Doors ‘My Wild Love‘ [Elektra]
  3. Spike ‘The Golden Eye‘ [Golf Channel]
  4. Walls ‘Voluta’ [Ecastatic]
  5. Fred und Luna ‘Im Klanggarten’ [Bigamo]
  6. Jean Michel Jarre ‘Equinoxe‘ [Polydor]
  7. Quiet Village ‘Gold Rush‘ [!K7]
  8. Etienne Jaumet ‘Module Mou‘ [Versatile]
  9. Eloy ‘Horizons‘ [Harvest]
  10. DeWolff ‘Medicine‘ [Electrosaurus Records]

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