REVIEW RY X ‘Bad Love (Eagles & Butterflies Remix’ [Infectious Music]

Los Angeles might be the city of angels, but an inner demon unleashes its evil potential beyond the facades of perfection, which we might perceive as paradise. Within all the latter’s possible and impossible possibilities, humans are attracted to suffering and to be inwardly torn apart, especially in love relationships. These ambivalent feelings, enjoying the bad in something outreagously beautiful, is reflected in LA-based producer’s, Eagles & Butterflies, remix for RY’s song ‘Bad Love. But out of this afore described mental misery that comes along with a deep and pure pain descending from the depth of a human’s soul, beauty, in all it facettes blossoms. Australian bred RY X avails himself of these potentials that slumber within any human and sings about the paradox of wanting something deeply and utterly: love. Paradox because the three-letter-word ‘bad’ adds the dilemma of an interpersonal relationship to the song that humans undergo to reach partial fulfillment when believing it is mutual joy. ‘Bad Love’ is not the story of Adam and Eve – even though a snake adorns the single’s cover – it is rather the tempting story of returning to a point or a state of mind that either never existed, simply because it only happened in one of the involved person’s minds during the relationship or faded away like in the much sung 90s hymn ‘Beended Kneeby Boyz II Men.

‘Bad Love’ reflects the perspective of a lover’s sorrow; it expresses the inner conflict when recurrent memories heat up the desire of being with a particular person although the afflicted is conscious that pursuing present needs foments future agonies. It is a revelation of human’s essential and contradictory demands: the struggle for love. In order to satisfy the aforementioned demand of fulfilling love humans become submissive. Submissive to their overwhelming feelings. Submissive to the moment when the demand is spoken out, and the result is subconsciously conscious, ‘I give it all up for bad love’. With reference to the verse, the lyrical self gives up its innermost for the possiblity of receiving (bad) love in return and arouses expectations. It is to argue whether these will be met at some point or not as the ‘loving’ counterpart does not get the chance to speak in ‘Bad Love’. In the course of the track, covering the period of a stream of thoughts, the lyrical self expresses prompts such as ‘[…] give me your love, give me your bones’ that underline the desire of receiving love, but at the same time reflect the dilemma it is in since the lyrical self forces the other person to make an unwanted decision at that point. The lyrical self makes several – almost selfish – attempts to emphasize the benefits of a possible hookup throughout the song like ‘I’ll be your warmth here; I’ll be your back’ or ‘I’m holding your bag for you’, which all lead to the conclusion that it, the lyrical self, desperately ‘will give it up for bad love’ or a one-sided love relationship to reach personal satisfaction. One-sided because the pronoun ‘we’ is always followed by a subjunctive, ‘We could be high on feeling requisite’ or ‘We could have love on fire’. One-sided because the lyrical self does not receive anything in return, because its final question ‘How can I wait?’ is answered by itself ‘Holding your back for you’. According to that, the hope for love is still existent, but fades away with the infinite emptiness that comes after the song.

RY X’s ‘Bad Love’ lyrically expresses the pain that comes with unfulfilled love relationships and the dilemma of being obsessed with an imagination. Ultimately not the unanswered love causes the pain but the suspense of a never answered because indirectly articulated question. So what at first seemed to be enjoyable in the melancholy of words turns to an emptiness and possible mental breakdown, which RY X not soley expresses through the lyrics but additionally through his gentle voice. Los Angeles based producer Chris Barratt alias Eagles & Butterflies emphasizes the heaviness of the message with his remix approach. The producer not only makes use of all verses of the original but chooses the right arpeggio to highlight them. Right after the last verse Chris enriches his lead-synth-melody partly with acid-bleeps – something that Fort Romeau also did with his rework for RY X’s songDeliverance‘ – but becomes even more diverse in the course of the track to work out the aspect of the aforementioned emptiness. The almost four minute lasting instrumental part of the track comes to an end when the bass line stops and spheric soundscapes prevail before RY X’s vocals set in once again asking ‘How can I?’, and leave the listener with an unanswered question that we have found an answer to in the 11 minutes and 30 seconds before. It’s just a ‘bad love’ with a breeze of ‘The Acid‘.

RY X’s ‘Bad Love (Eagles & Butterflies Remix and Dub Version)’ was released December 5th, 2017 on Infections Music. (Holger)

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