EXCLUSIVE Patlac ‘Auroa (Davis Remix)’ [Moodmusic]

Hamburg based DJ and producer Patlac released three deep house cuts on his Moodmusic debut EP, Rodeon, in March this year. Now as 2017 comes to an end the EP gets the remix treatment and Patlac’s deep house vibes get a different twist from artists such as Marco Resmann, Dj Le Roi, Foreign Guest and Innervisions’ favorite, Davis. Latter digs deep in his sound toy box to deliver a piece of music that strongly focuses on elements and soundscapes that date back to House Music’s early days. Acid bleeps tweet over an 808 bass line and the original synth chords are morphed into abstract still harmonic sounds that clearly emphasize the track’s body.

The Rodeon Remixes including Davis remix for ‘Auroa’ will be released December 22nd, 2017 on Moodmusic.

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